Starbucks® Christmas Blend

A special coffee to mark the season. Smooth and spicy, warm and cozy.

Celebrated more than 60 Countries Around the World.

Anticipation is also what makes our Christmas Blend so tasty. That’s because the coffee’s magic comes from amazing, rare Sumatran beans that have been aged three to five years.

In that time, they develop such wonderful spicy, cedary and syrupy flavors that our roasters can barely wait for the day each year when they can create this blend. Santa’s elves were never so giddy as we are.

And we know how much you look forward to this blend too. You've been telling us how much it's become one of your favorite holiday traditions, every year since 1985. Starbucks Christmas Blend seems to perfectly capture the holiday spirit. And surely that's a gift to us all.

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  • VIA
  • Whole Bean

Tasting Notes:

Sweet, spicy, herbal

Enjoy with:

The holiday’s richest desserts and the embrace of your family and friends.