Coffee Reserve

Exotic, Rare and Exquisite

Starbucks Reserve. Rows of coffee trees on a mountainside.

We spend a lot of time in origin countries searching for the finest coffees – ones with distinct flavors that enchant, amaze and captivate. But of the thousands we encounter, only a precious few are deemed exceptional enough to become Starbucks Reserve™ coffees. These intriguing offerings are only available for limited times at select stores.

The latest featured Starbucks Reserve™ coffee


Floral aromas with plum and dark chocolate notes and a honey sweetness.

The Sertão Estate is hailed as one of the first farms to produce coffee in Carmo de Minas, an area famed for its Yellow Bourbon varietal. Under José Isidoro Pereira and Nazareth Dias Pereira, third generation of coffee growers have successfully grown these beans on the steep, sprawling hillsides of the region. They have passed on this treasured family tradition to their children and grandchildren, who are now involved with managing the farm, roasting and exporting coffee, as well as running a coffee shop. This rich history has culminated in a wonderfully distinctive flavor. Every cup unfolds with a bright, delicate sweetness that reflects the deep connection between this family legacy and such a celebrated varietal.


Floral aromas with flavors of citrus peel and warm brown spices.

In the tiny backyard farms circling Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzanians plant banana trees to shield their coffee crops from the intense sun. Alongside the vegetables they grow for sustenance, the coffee benefits from the area’s high altitude and volcanic soil—a product of ideal agricultural conditions and shrewd farming. The people of the Chagga tribe have worked this land for hundreds of years, passing it down from one generation to the next. Serving as a gateway to Kilimanjaro, the Chagga villages mark a complex area, creating an exceptionally desirable coffee-growing climate. These characteristics shine in the cup, with elegant jasmine and citrus notes balanced by warm brown spices.


Notes of toasted nut and caramel with a malty sweetness.

Family is everything for the owners of El Suyatal farm. Luis Valladarez raised his two sons in the tradition that growing excellent coffee requires equal parts experience, skill and harmonious care for the people and environment. And both sons returned to help cultivate the land after college, using their degrees in agronomy and business to grow coffees that have garnered awards. Now the Valladarez family is going a step further. They know how important it is for their pickers who venture to the farm every day to have their children close by. So they’ve partnered with Starbucks to build a kindergarten right on the farm. With this unique investment, they’re giving the next generation of coffee families at El Suyatal their own opportunities to grow something wonderful.

This Starbucks Reserve® coffee is available only at select times and stores.

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