Starbucks® Christmas Blonde Roast 2023

650 Baht

Coffees from West Java and Papua New Guinea set a base of herbal, maple-like syrupy sweet notes. West Java brings a softer expression of the earthiness and spiciness we love in our holiday line-up. We add a dash of washed and natural (sun-dried) coffees from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopian coffees are celebrated for their citrus and fruity notes and in this blend, highlighting the future of coffee blends and finding new ways to reimagine the tradition of Starbucks® holiday coffees. This preroast blend is best paired with citrus and berry crumble.

Coffee Profile

Acidity :


Body :


Processing Method : Washed (Wet), Semi-washed, Natural

Tasting Notes : Spiced Orange, Fig Compote

Complementary flavors : Citrus, Berry Crumble

Region : Multi-region

Tea Profile

Caffeine Level :

Caffeine Level

Tasting Notes :