Starbucks Reserve™ Bali Mount Batur (Available on 18 Jun 24 onwards)

1,200 Baht

Bali, an Indonesian island known for its pristine beaches and lush bamboo groves, is paradise for growing coffee. On the volcanic slopes of Mt. Batur, coffee plants are shaded by orange trees that protect them from direct sunlight and intercropped with taro and cassava root. Fallen leaves from high-reaching canopies provide the soil with organic matter and essential nutrients, creating balance in the ecosystem. This lot is the product of 393 smallholder farms and brought to life using a traditional wet-hulled processing method. The result is an aromatic harmony of lemon leaves and sweet marzipan notes, finishing with notes of dusted cocoa.

Coffee Profile

Acidity :


Body :


Processing Method : Semi-washed

Tasting Notes : Lemon leaves, Sweet marzipan with a dusted-cocoa finish.

Complementary flavors : Pistachio, Orange

Region : Asia-Pacific

Tea Profile

Caffeine Level :

Caffeine Level

Tasting Notes :