Starbucks Reserve™ Malawi Sable Farms

850 Baht

The consistently outstanding coffee coming out of Sable Farms is the result of a foundational belief: invest in the farming practices that help support the environment and the people who support the farm. Southern Malawi, landlocked and hampered by a lack of infrastructure, is not an easy place to grow coffee. But these farmers pour their efforts into using their limited resources with a thoughtfulness that’s brought healthy growth and a global reputation. Using drip irrigation systems for precise watering, raised African sun-drying beds to help save energy, composting, water reuse and filtering, and regular soil monitoring, their processing sets a high standard for environmental care. And they extend that same philosophy of care to the people within their coffee community.

Coffee Profile

Acidity :


Body :


Processing Method : Washed (Wet)

Tasting Notes : Dark Chocolate, Ginger

Complementary flavors : Cherry, Cinnamon, Caramel

Region : Africa

Tea Profile

Caffeine Level :

Caffeine Level

Tasting Notes :