Starbucks® Tribute Blend™ 2024

750 Baht

Each origin in this coffee contributes its own unique flavor characteristics that create sweetness and balance in a cup. Colombia is known for its complexity and sweetness, bringing in chocolate notes. Sumatra contributes an intense, herbal quality and a decadent mouthfeel. The diversity of coffee varietals in Ethiopia offer complex flavors of black cherry and licorice-y spice notes. Papua New Guinea bridges a myriad of flavors from the Asia Pacific region and offers a spicy and multi-dimensional depth. First blended to celebrate Starbucks 40th anniversary, Starbucks Tribute Blend- is our ode to coffee!

Coffee Profile

Acidity :


Body :


Processing Method : Washed (Wet), Semi-washed, Natural

Tasting Notes : Black cherry, Baking Spices

Complementary flavors : Berry, Stone fruits, Chocolate

Region : Multi-region

Tea Profile

Caffeine Level :

Caffeine Level

Tasting Notes :