Starbucks Reserve®

850 Baht

We begin by harvesting ripe Sumatran coffees and keep the coffee in a special facility where warm, tropical air circulates among the burlap bags. We rotate and sample the coffee every six months, knowing that only patience and care, time and the elements can create the flavor you’re about to experience. Each lot waits years before reaching its peak. And now, finally, the wait is over. Coffee aficionados, rejoice.

850 Baht

After the cherries are handpicked and hand-sorted by members of the Kabare cooperative, they're delivered to one of the cooperative's washing stations. There the cherries are de-pulped and washed in fresh river water. The coffee is sorted again before it's dried on raised beds—tended for up to 15 days under the bright equatorial sun. This dedication comes full circle: the pulp of the cherries is used to fertilize the next crop. The growers' meticulous care is captured in this lot, offering juicy blackberry notes.

4,000 Baht

Floral aromas with cocoa and citrus notes Named after the mist that casts a blue-tinged glow over Jamaican mountainsides, this coffee is a returning customer favorite, with layers of citrus and a hint of cocoa.

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