Starbucks Reserve

1,550 Baht

In the high mountains of Mae Hong Son Province, mist is as much a constant as the diligence of its coffee farmers. For more than 50 years, the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF) has supported the Karen hill tribe in growing world-class coffee and helped improve livelihoods of Shan Hills residents. Since the early 2000s, Starbucks has sourced coffee from Thailand; now, nearly two decades later, we’ve found two Karen villages—Du La Per and Mae Haw—capable of producing the first single-origin Starbucks Reserve™ offering from Thailand. With notes of mayom fruit and curry leaf, each exceptional cup is a direct result of collaboration and community. *Participating stores: Siam SQ1 Flagship, Central World 1st fl., S Nimman Soi 3, Emsphere GM fl. and Chao Phraya Riverfront, ICONSIAM – 7th fl.

850 Baht

At the heart of the Bolaven Plateau on the southern tip of Laos lies the most favorable region for coffee cultivation. With an elevation of 1,350 meters, the temperate climate brings the perfect dose of both sunshine and rain, allowing the coffee to ripen slowly, amplifying sweetness and deepening complexities along the way. According to Lao mythology, the ample rain here is attributed to the powerful half-man, half-serpent water spirit named Lao Naga who controls the country’s rainfall, laying the groundwork for a flourishing growing season year after year. We believe all these elements combined give this coffee its floral and herbaceous spice notes along with the complexity each sip exudes.

850 Baht

The fertile land of the Apeneca-llamatepec volcanic mountain range is believed to be the first-ever coffee-growing region in El Salvador. There the family-owned business of Finca San Ramon has been raising the finest beans with the utmost care and purpose since 1896. Today the sixth generation is leading the charge in responsible practices that prevent surface erosion and safeguard waterways around their farm and in their communities with the goal of ensuring the future of coffee for generations to come. All these dedicated efforts create a deliciously rewarding coffee with unique notes of citrus fruit, dark sugar and rich chocolate.

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