Starbucks Reserve

1,200 Baht

Pedro Rodriguez has devoted the better part of the last three decades to bringing Bolivian coffee to the world. In 2014 he launched Sol de la Mañana (“Morning Sun”), a program that teaches growers conscientious farming practices and promotes economic stability while producing high-quality coffees.

850 Baht

The founding principle of Abateraninkunga ba Sholi, a woman-founded coffee cooperative in the Muhanga District of central Rwanda, is one of community support through coffee. The name translates to “mutual assistance,” and the members of Sholi bring exceptional coffee and renewed strength to the local economy. There’s deep satisfaction in enjoying this coffee—and helping the spirit of Sholi live on.

850 Baht

Zambia is an emerging origin with extraortinary potential. Despite a terroir for growing excellent coffee, this landlocked contry is often overlooked by specialty - coffee industry. Zambia's efforts deserve to be celebrated, and it's coffee deserve to be shared. This cup receals a delightful discovery from a distinctive origin.

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