Environmental Stewardship

We share our customers’ commitment to the environment

And we believe in the importance of caring for our planet and working with and encouraging others to do the same. As a company that relies on an agricultural product, it makes good business sense. And as people living in the world, it is simply the right thing to do.

Energy Conservation

Energy use in our stores makes up roughly 80% of our entire carbon footprint.

Recycling & Reducing Waste

Starbucks is committed to significantly reducing and diverting the waste our stores generate, and recycling is just one way in which we do this.

Water Conservation

Water is a precious natural resource, and using it responsibly is essential to the continued success of our company.

Building Greener Stores

We’re always looking for ways to improve the environmental performance of our stores.

Tackling Climate Change

In addition to increased erosion and infestation by pests, coffee farmers are reporting shifts in rainfall and harvest patterns that are hurting their communities and shrinking the available usable land in coffee regions around the world.

Ethical Sourcing

Our success as a company has always been linked to the success of the thousands of farmers and suppliers who grow and produce our products.

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