Starbucks Coffee Company
Starbucks Reserve® Coffee

Starbucks aims to bring you extraordinary coffee experiences with our rare single origin coffees of Starbucks Reserve®

Starbucks shall bring to all coffee lovers extraordinary coffee experience with our exceptional and unique coffee selections. Our barista will introduce you to the amazing discovery of Starbucks Reserve® together with new planting origins where you will experience new aroma and flavor of rare coffees from around the world.

Starbucks Reserve® – The rare and  limited extraordinary coffee

Starbucks Reserve® coffees are rare and limited coffee that come with unique aroma and flavor. Starbucks Reserve® coffees are only available in some stores with a limited period of time. The new coffee will be introduced around every 2 months.

  •  The Incomparable Quality Our team searches for the most exceptional coffees by tasting over 250,000 cups of coffee every year to ensure that we bring our customer extraordinary coffee experiences. Starbucks’ coffee expertises travel the world to meet and cultivate relationships with local coffee farmers to purchase only 3% of the world finest coffee beans.

  • Limited Availability Due to the rare amount, each bean will be available for a limited period of time. In each year, coffee lovers will get to experience only 17 selections of Starbucks Reserve® coffee, while some coffees may be available only once and might not be available ever again.

Starbucks Reserve® coffees are available in 17 Starbucks Reserve® stores in Thailand where you can purchase the rare and extraordinary coffee beans or enjoy your favorite freshly brewed coffee. At our coffee bar, you can choose to enjoy the distinct coffee aroma from finest brewing methods of your choice

Pour-Over Cone Brew



Coffee Press

Together with this, at our Starbucks Reserve® Experience Store at Gaysorn Shopping Centre, we have an innovative espresso machine, Victoria Arduino – VA388 Black Eagle, which is a 1 out of 5 hybrid espresso machine of Starbucks in SEA and China. The striking design of Black Eagle with its advanced technology to control temperature stability and precision of liquid and brewing time allows our coffee master to deliver our customer consistency of aroma and flavor in every cup to induce your “Starbucks Experience”.

List of Starbucks Reserve® where you can purchase coffee beans or enjoy freshly brewed coffee — Pour Over Cone Brew, Coffee Press, and Siphon

  1. Baan Silom
  2. Lungsuan
  3. Central World 1st fl.
  4. Siam Paragon (Street Level)
  5. Central Festival Hat Yai
  6. Central Embassy
  7. The Crystal Park
  8. Emquatier
  9. Central Westgate 1st fl.
  10. Central Bangna 1st fl.
  11. Food Villa
  12. Suanplern Market
  13. The Street Ratchada
  14. Central Eastville Think spaze*
  15. Gaysorn Shopping Centre**
  16. 49 Terrace
  17. All Season Place 2nd**

*Pour Over Cone Brew, Siphon, and Chemex are available at Starbucks Reserve® Experience Bar

**Pour Over Cone Brew, Siphon, Chemex and Victoria Arduino – VA388 Black Eagle espresso machine are available at Starbucks Reserve® Experience Bar

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