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1,200 Baht

Bali, an Indonesian island known for its pristine beaches and lush bamboo groves, is paradise for growing coffee. On the volcanic slopes of Mt. Batur, coffee plants are shaded by orange trees that protect them from direct sunlight and intercropped with taro and cassava root. Fallen leaves from high-reaching canopies provide the soil with organic matter and essential nutrients, creating balance in the ecosystem. This lot is the product of 393 smallholder farms and brought to life using a traditional wet-hulled processing method. The result is an aromatic harmony of lemon leaves and sweet marzipan notes, finishing with notes of dusted cocoa.

850 Baht

The heart of this Colombian coffee is ignited by the passion of young famers born and raised in the mountains of Nariño. With support from Starbucks Colombia Initiative, Granos de Esperanza (Grains of Hope), they bridge the generational gap of coffee farmers through a holistic multiyear plan to grow their livelihoods and Nariño’s economy. Cultivated during warm tropical days and cool nights, these beans exude a complex, refined flavor. And the farmers’ continued success manifests in this coffee—an embodiment of prosperity for themselves and the place they call home.

1,200 Baht

The highlands of Indonesia’s Aceh Province are home to diverse ethnicities and tribes. The area’s agricultural potential has become a top priority for development, with coffee being a key focus. Known as the “land above the clouds,” Gunung Leuser reaches high into the mountains. Here coffee trees are surrounded by the cherished lands of the Leuser National Park, a rich and expansive rainforest that’s one of the last places on earth with endangered orangutans living in the wild. To protect the forest from damage and deforestation, the government and local community have increased their efforts to develop the smallholder agricultural sector, with a focus on coffee as a vital crop. Their dedication culminates in this—a cup as distinct as the land where it was grown.